roots to leaves is for women by women.

As a woman, it is your birthright to understand how your body works, how to support it and how to feel your best in it. Let’s find your way back to you.

Food is at the center of our health. Every day, we can use our forks as a way to choose nourishment and self love. The Roots to Leaves nutrition counseling approach helps you to rediscover your connection to food in a way that honors and supports your health. Together, we will explore the role that nutrition and lifestyle behaviors can play in healing and supporting your body and mind. 

The Roots to leaves 1:1 signature individualized counseling program is a 12-week commitment personalized to you.

nutrition counseling

make shifts in your environment, movement, and mindset 

create a morning routine and evening rituals that support your lifestyle


Spend 1:1 time together to work through your real life challenges and health goals

Review blood work and testing to get clarity on your symptoms

Create food and meal suggestions to help bring the joy back into nourishment


Go through a detailed, 90-minute intake to understand
the story of you

during our 12 weeks together, we will...

an inside look at what to expect

- May, Roots to Leaves Signature Program Client

This has been the best investment I've made this year. I feel supported and seen.

- Lili, Roots to Leaves Signature Program Client

"She worked with me to uncover a healthier version of myself without judgment or placing blame. I use the tools we cultivated not just with food, but in all areas of life..."

“Amanda has helped me feel empowered in my body." 

don't just take my word for it...

book a discovery call

And more...

Personalized supplement regimen (if needed)

Shopping Guide + How to Stock Your Kitchen Guide

Rooted rituals to support hormones

Individualized protocol based on functional medicine testing + symptoms

Our very own Roots To Leaves food/meal suggestions based on your health needs + preferences

Curated & personalized Welcome Packet

you'll receive...

during the 12 week program


We’re building a relationship. In between sessions, I am here to answer questions, offer support, and build motivation and encouragement. 

unlimited contact/support

From sunrise to sunset, the emotional body to the physical body, we will cover the various behaviors that play a role in our overall health picture. Functional medicine testing may also be a part of the picture.

holistic approach to lifestyle behaviors

Food should be a source of enjoyment, nourishment, and health. We use a whole food, plant-based lens with an individualized approach to food and nutrition.

individualized nutrition counseling

The HTMA test looks at how the body is storing and using minerals, allowing us to observe how your thyroid, adrenals and metabolism are working under stress. 

htma test

The GI-MAP is a stool test that allows for a deeper look into overall gut health, offering answers and a clear path forward on your bloating, indigestion, constipation and more.

gi map test

The DUTCH complete urine test allows us to better understand how your hormones ebb and flow, offering insight into menstrual and fertility related concerns.


main testing options

Have you faced fatigue, menstrual pain, acne, or bloating, but everything on your blood work comes back "normal?" 

While blood work is an important part of understanding your health history, functional medicine tests, from DUTCH to a GI-MAP, can help us get a deeper look at what is going on in the body, often capturing information that a standard blood test can't show.

That's why we use in depth testing so that we can care for your health needs with clarity and intention. Let's take the guess work out of your health and find validation for your experience.

So we can finally get some answers...

functional medicine testing as part of our program

- Jacqui, Roots to Leaves Signature Program Client

"I am more in control of my body and am so grateful to her...I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

"My health looked great on paper. I ate well and exercised but I felt tired and foggy and every time my kids got sick they’d have it for 2 days and I’d get it for 2 weeks. After numerous blood tests I went to Amanda for help. Her extensive testing found a few areas that needed tweaking. After some dietary additions, stress management and a few supplements, I feel so much better. I am more in control of my body and am so grateful to her for her knowledge and time. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

- Carli, Roots to Leaves Signature Program Client

"I think the largest change has been mentally feeling more in tune with my body. Prior to our time together, everything was really a mystery to me as it relates to my body, truly not knowing what was causing my discomfort. The foundational principles Amanda has instilled- giving yourself grace & mindfulness - have been instrumental and truly have been the differentiator in my perspective on food, nutrition and my health. I am so much more aware of what my body is telling me."

"The foundational principles Amanda has instilled...have been instrumental...I am so much more aware of what my body is telling me."

- May, Roots to Leaves Signature Program Client

"I feel empowered and in tune with my body."

"I'm more aware about my body's needs and am finally getting to know my cycle. I'm eating more consistently, eating more greens daily and am more intentional about having a balanced plate. I'm mindful of my blood sugar for the first time in my life, as well as reading labels and understanding what I'm putting in my body. I feel empowered and in tune with my body."

- Sheena, Roots to Leaves Signature Program Client

"I am more aware of my symptoms and what I can do to manage them. Even more than that, the practices that we have implemented so far have limited headaches and prevented drops in blood sugar that would ordinarily have me feeling pretty unwell. I am also starting to feel slightly less stressed as a result of my daily rituals. I am feeling more positive and optimistic about my health than when we started!"

"...I am feeling more positive and optimistic about my health than when we started!"

Hear about their transformations...

Let's get to the roots of your wellness....

Period pain, fatigue, bloating, mood swings, and brain fog are not just "a part of "having a period." 

Misinformation, lack of support and blame play no role in fertility.

Being a woman does not equate to accepting pain and discomfort in our body or mind.

While symptoms may be a part of the journey, they are not at the root cause of health.

friend, it's time to stop normalizing these symptoms...

- Dana, Roots to Leaves Signature Program Client

"...The process from start to finish was fantastic - so much so that I didn’t want [it] to ever end!"

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Roots to Leaves. Amanda is very professional but not rigid in her approach. She’s thoughtfully down-to-earth and caring while creating approachable solutions that don’t overwhelm you. She communicates in ways that ensure you understand exactly what is happening in your body and how she can help. The process from start to finish was fantastic - so much so that I didn’t want [it] to ever end!"

- Milessa, Roots to Leaves Signature Program Client

"...She always makes me feel comfortable and celebrates me, even if I don't see the accomplishments myself."

"Came into this with an open mind and no expectations. I've spent years looking for help, wherever I could get it. The [12-weeks] blew my mind and is helping me get back on the right track. Amanda was very attentive and caring and ALWAYS responsive. Our meetings were always fun, engaging and helpful. I looked forward to those sessions along with the weekly check ins. She always makes me feel comfortable and celebrates me, even if I don't see the accomplishments myself."


FAQ's about 1:1 coaching


It takes about 3 months to really start to see changes in the body and for small changes to become integrated habits. We don't believe in quick fixes or temporary solutions - the 12 week path allows us the time and grace to make sustained change.


Yes; however, it is primarily as a functional medicine consult. The 12-week package allows us the time to truly get to know one another and slowly create lifestyle changes that support your body. But for those that are looking for more simple, clear cut answers and feel they're ready to tackle their health on their own, a 3-session functional medicine consult may be offered.


We'll figure out whether functional medicine testing is appropriate for you based on your symptoms, needs, and current context. We'll chat about this on our discovery call so you have clarity on what your 12 week path would look like. 


I do not currently take insurance. I can provide a superbill that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

how much does the 12-week package cost?

This ranges depending on each person's needs, testing involved, etc. The starting point is ~$1800.

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