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Roots to Leaves takes a whole person approach to health and wellness. We believe that in order to fully embrace wellness, we need to consider not just diet, but lifestyle factors, from sleep to movement, environment to community, mindfulness to creativity, the physical body to the mental body, and everything in between. 
Through a mind-body-soul approach that bridges western nutritional science with traditional wisdom and holistic medicine, our goal is to empower you with knowledge that can truly change behavior - with a little water and sunlight, can help elevate and optimize your health and equanimity. We can begin to reconnect with our bodies and understand the role that true nourishment and inner guidance plays in our health. We will discuss how to honor your cycles, boost fertility, support your pregnancy, connect with the self, and create a healthier generation of little ones. 

Together we will lay down the roots, so that you can grow tall, expand, and flourish for years to come. 

our philosophy

“The use of love is to heal. When it flows without effort from the depth of the self, love creates health.”

- deepak chopra

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When we only treat a symptom rather than a cause, we essentially put a bandaid on a deep wound. It may help us from picking at it, but it doesn’t stop the infection from spreading under the skin. Modern-day healthcare tends to take this quick-fix, topical approach to deep-rooted issues. A holistic and functional approach to health allows us to look deeper and find the root cause of our problems. As such, creating a lifestyle that nourishes the foundation of our health and considers the entirety of our being enables us to truly and sustainably support our health. 

why holistic living matters

We are so much more than the sum of our parts. To look at just nutrition in isolation does not provide us with the whole picture. Instead, we’ll consider how all the pillars of health work together. From the biological (age, medical history), the physical (movement, sleep, food), the emotional (mind, stress, community, beliefs), the environmental (nature, culture), and, if applicable, the spiritual (purpose, beliefs, connection) - when we consider the beautiful interconnectedness of health, we can begin to heal and support ourselves from the inside out.

what makes up your whole self

Holistic living takes into account the complexity and interconnectedness of all facets of health. 

Only when we are grounded, can we truly grow.  

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