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roots to leaves is for women by women.

As a woman, it is your birthright to understand how your body works, how to support it and how to feel your best in it. Let’s find your way back to you.

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The Roots to leaves 1:1 signature individualized counseling program is a 12-week commitment personalized to you.

Food is at the center of our health. Every day, we can use our forks as a way to choose nourishment and self love. The Roots to Leaves nutrition counseling approach helps you to rediscover your connection to food in a way that honors and supports your health. Together, we will explore the role that nutrition and lifestyle behaviors can play in healing and supporting your body and mind. 

nutrition counseling


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We’re building a relationship. In between sessions, I am here to answer questions, offer support, and build motivation and encouragement. 

unlimited contact/support

From sunrise to sunset, the emotional body to the physical body, we will cover the various behaviors that play a role in our overall health picture. Functional medicine testing may also be a part of the picture.

holistic approach to lifestyle behaviors

Food should be a source of enjoyment, nourishment, and health. We use a whole food, plant-based lens with an individualized approach to food and nutrition.

individualized nutrition counseling

- Madeline, Roots to Leaves Signature Program Client

“Amanda’s weight neutral approach to fostering a healthy body and mind has been the biggest game changer in my life. Forever grateful for someone as knowledgeable and thoughtful as Amanda to support my journey.…”

- Lili, Roots to Leaves Signature Program Client

“Amanda has helped me feel empowered in my body. She worked with me to uncover a healthier version of myself without judgment or placing blame. I use the tools we cultivated not just with food, but in various areas of life..."

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Ayurvedic counseling

Yoga and breathwork

Lactation support

Pregnancy-related conditions (gestational diabetes, preeclampsia)

Individualized supplement protocols

GI-Map and digestion

Hormone & nutrient testing

other ways we can help you

Let's get to the roots of your wellness

let's stop normalizing symptoms. 

Period pain, fatigue, bloating, mood swings, and brain fog are not just "a part of "having a period." 

misinformation, lack of support and blame play no role in fertility.

Being a woman does not equate to accepting pain and discomfort in our body or mind.

While symptoms may be a part of the journey, they are not at the root cause of health.

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  • A welcome packet curated to you

  • Roots to leaves recipes based on your health needs + preferences

  • Individualized protocol based on functional medicine testing + symptoms

  • Rooted Rituals to support hormones

  • Shopping guide + how to stock your kitchen

  • personalized supplement regimen (if needed)

and more...

during the 12 week program, you can expect to receive...

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